A new meaning of fast food. Increase your turnover with great food fast at the touch of an eikon™
Applicances in the eikon™ range boast ultra-short cooking times, ultra-high energy efficiency and very easy to use with eastTOUCH™ Touchscreen. There is an appliance to suit your individual requirements.

e2Closed_V3The new small oven opens up big opportunities.
A great opportunity for customers who are looking to capture additional hot food revenues but have previously been limited by space and expertise.
The compack eikon™ e2 (width only 38.3cm) appliance lets anyone cook ‘hot food to go’ perfectly every time with eatTOUCH™ control.

e3ClosedVersatility, speed and energy efficiency at the touch of an icon.
Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient eikon™ e3. The eikon™ e3 is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design and up to 5 x faster preparation times, its three different cooking levels make it the ideal solution for power saving yet fast cooking and baking.

e4closedHigh speed for more applications.
Need to produce lightning fast, crispy, hot food? Look no further than our easily-programmed, energy efficient eikon™ e4. It combines the advantages of microwave and hot air impingement technology for extremely quick cooking with outstanding, repeatable food quality, even for large quantities. You can prepare your meals and ingredients to perfection up to 15 x faster.

e5closedHigh volumes, reduced cook times and premium quality.
Looking to serve your guests high quality and intricate dishes including premium quality steaks, pastries and fish? Enjoy premium quality fast with the eikon™e5. with its extra large capacity (2/3 GastroNorm), the e5 is perfect for simultaneous preparation of several dishes and/or side dishes. The eikon™ e5 is capable of high volume productivity whilst being 5 x faster than traditional methods; the e5 is the best solution for larger restaurants, caterers and canteens.